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Labelnexx Cloud

Most Simple yet Advances Cloud labelling solution for all your business needs

Labelnexx Cloud is the most straightforward yet comprehensive cloud labelling system available. It assists companies of all sizes with labelling management, from label design to printing and all in between.

Why choose Labelnexx cloud?

Cloud technology is driving a digital shift in every business. System after system is moving to the cloud, from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), from warehouse and inventory management systems (WMS) to product lifecycle management (PLM).

Businesses of all sizes are aiming for a zero-on-premises footprint and using software-as-a-service for crucial functions. What about labelling, if all of these other important corporate processes are migrating to the Cloud?

Companies that can handle inventories, customer connections, and payments via the cloud should be able to manage labelling as well.

  • Ability to create Labels from any computer in any place.
  • Highly scalable printing across your company.
  • Secure storage for Labels and Data.
  • Subscription-based model to reduce your total cost.
  • With minimum IT resources, you can be up and running in minutes.
  • Integrate your product data with your labels

There is no need to walk to each print station to deploy or upgrade printing solutions with Labelnexx Cloud. From the convenience of your workstation, you can simply expand labelling across departments and to external business partners, such as suppliers, contract manufacturers, and third-party shipping providers – all using a web browser. You can print labels from any cloud-connected or on-premise printer with our universal label templates. You get the same precise labels every time, regardless of which printers you have or where they are located..