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Helping a global health industry

At every stage of a patient’s hospital stay, Labelnexx’s label design and printing solutions are used to increase safety, comfort, and efficiency.
Bar codes are being utilized in hospitals to assist eliminate identification errors and speed up the admission and discharge processes.

Many patient-safety initiatives start with Labelnexx patient identification technologies.
Incorporating bar codes or RFID tags in addition to text gives an important added layer of protection against misidentification, and governments are increasingly requiring bar code wristband identification in all of their hospitals.

A printed bar code label on medical records is a more reliable technique to ensure that each patient’s record is uniquely identifiable and monitored.

Labelnexx is used to give dependable and accurate identification in the following areas all around the world:

  • Identification of the patient
  • Labels for blood-bag distribution
  • Equipment inventories, preventative maintenance, and other aspects of healthcare estate management
  • specimens from the lab
  • Records of medical care
  • Labels from pharmacies
  • Identification of the personnel
  • Material supply chain management

Blood transfusions are a high-risk sector, as incorrect identification can result in potentially deadly mistakes. The type of blood bag is usually bar-coded. Additional safety checks can be performed automatically before the blood is supplied by attaching a label with the intended patient’s information.

Pharmaceuticals and laboratory samples

Labelnexx solutions are used to accurately identify laboratory samples at the patient’s bedside, at the nurses’ station, or at the lab.

Medication administration can be time-consuming as well as dangerous.
To offer a complete audit trail, the hospital pharmacy can print unit-of-use bar code labels for all supplied drugs.


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