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Labels fueling the automotive industry


The only thing worse than a faulty part for an automotive parts seller is a faulty label.
A misprinted digit or a mislabeled part can result in expensive recalls, disgruntled consumers, and, ultimately, lost revenue.
With so much relying on your labels, you need to make sure your label production process is bullet-proof, safeguarding it from error-prone operations like manual data entry.
To put it another way, you must digitize labeling.

Meet customer Expectation

Pre-defined label templates complying with automotive industry standards are included in our label management system, including:

  • VDA 4902 Labels
  • AIAG Labels
  • Volkswagen GTL Labels
  • General Motor (GM 1724) Labels
  • Odette / Galia Labels

By digitising all step of the label production process, from design to print, and from quality assurance to archiving, the Labelnexx label management system (LMS) helps you manufacture precise labels every time.

Higher Accuracy

Our label management system automates and centralizes the whole quality assurance process, allowing you to retain high-quality labels.
Take a look at how it’s done:

  • All templates are saved in a database that is maintained centrally.
  • For complete traceability, all changes are tracked and logged.
  • Every template in the database has a complete version and change history, as well as a complete print history for every label that has ever been printed.
  • Label template access is monitored and controlled, allowing administrators to govern who has access to which templates.

Increased Printing Speed

You can’t afford to waste time on label printing in an industry where speed and precision are critical.
You may boost printing speed and efficiency using our label management solution by:

  • To optimize print efficiency while employing minimal computer resources, a 64-bit print engine is used.
  • Avoid data replication by connecting labels to your master data.
  • Rather than using manual methods, printing is triggered by a shop-floor operation.
  • Automated business rules are replacing manual activities.